We do our best to satisfy our customer’s needs

With a vision to become a global leader in MFC / MFM business by
producing and providing only the best.

We are excited to have you consider us to be a part of your journey. With Line Tech, you can rest
assured that you will be provided with only the best.

From its inception in 1997, Line Tech continues a history of daring innovation and consistent
progress. After years of collaboration with Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology
(KAIST), Line Tech became the first in the nation to self-produce MFC and MFM in 2003. Since
then, our catalogue has seen additions of different MFC / MFM series, LTI Read Out
Unit, and more, and we continue to look for ways to add value through continued
R&D, differentiated AS service, and catered consultation service.

Our ambition is to become a leading domestic and international supplier of MFM / MFC.
With our commitment to conscientious business practice and strong technological
expertise, we promise to provide the products and services that you need. We look
forward to becoming a business partners with you in the future.

Thank you.

Chong Ho Park                                         
Chairman of Line Tech